Message from Former Head Boy

Dear GSAT Students,

Always remember that you are "Mighty Saints"! So strap on your armour of positivity along with keeping your eyes on the prize and in the end you will be victorious!

Before you know it, the GSAT exams will be over and you will soon realize that you were always being prepared by your caring parents and expert teachers for the challenge. Like me you will look back and realize that there was nothing to worry about. Just remain focused, do all your homework, listen to your parents and your teachers and continue to work hard and practice, practice, practice. For now, you must avoid all distractions and try not to take on any big changes in your daily routine. Do not give up your physical activities: it is what helps your brain and body to stay fit like a true Mighty Saint!

Next year this time you will be in the high school you dream of attending and you will be happy that you worked hard and listened to your parents and teachers. For now, just relax and enjoy the grade six experience as best as you can.

Best wishes,

Jeremy Cheuk, Former Head Boy (2016-2017)